This plugin makes it possible to run fully multilingual e-commerce sites using WooCommerce and Ceceppa Multilingua.

It makes products and store pages translatable, lets visitors switch languages and order products in their language.


  • Translating product categories, tags and custom attributes
  • Translating media “Title” and “Alternative Text” for “Featured Image” and “Product Gallery”
  • Keeps the same language through the checkout process
  • Translate category and tag slug

Translate product

To translate product just add new product or edit custom one.
Will be displayed new field for each language you have added in “your languages box”.

Ceceppa Multilingua | addon per WooCommerce - traduzione titoli articoliCeceppa Multilingua for Woocommerce | Translate product short description






As you can see in the image you can use edit fields to translate product title.
Use the language tab to translate/switch product description and short description in your languages


You can use  field abot original title to translate it in a language, if you leave it blank original title will be used.


By default to generate  product permalink will be used translated title but you can choose to use default permalink for each product, translated title or even customize it.

Ceceppa Multilingua for WooCommerce | Permalink

  • cml4woo_edit edit permalink
  • cml4woo_default set translated permalink equal to default one

The permalink generated for product in above will be:

  • Italian:
  • English:
  • Esperanto:

WooCommerce Pages

WooCommerce “special” pages link shop, basket, checkout, etc, are simple pages so you can choose to:

  1. use same page for all languages:
    Ceceppa Multilingua for WooCommerce | Shop page
  2. use different page for each language:
    Ceceppa Multilingua for WooCommerce | pagina Acquisti

Translate Product category base and Product tag base

In WordPress “Settings” -> “Permalinks” page you can choose to translate WooCommerce product and tag base:

Ceceppa Multilingua for WooCommerce | Permalinks

if you leave translation field empty default base structure will be used.

In Ceceppa Multilingua -> “WooCommerce” page you can choose to disable this feature:

Ceceppa Multilingua for WooCommerce | Settings

REMEMBER: you can’t leave WooCommerce “Product category base” and “Product tag base” fields blank, otherwise you will get 404 error when switch between languages.